Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Love Languages

I have been looking for something for me to write about that will do two things, the first help me to be a better parent and the second to share with you what I have learned.

Three years ago when Jeff and I were looking forward to being married, one of the books our pastor suggested us to read was The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. We did and we learned quite abit about each other. Not long after that I picked up The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell, M.D. I haven't really read it at all. It's one of those I will read it when I have time books.

Well, as I was having a difficult time loving our 4year old this morning, I sat down and was enjoying some quiet time when I was glancing at the book shelf. There sitting with a bit of dust on it was The Five Love Languages of Children. So, I am going to try and read it and learn how to love dear sweet Josh. He has had a hard time in his young life, and now I want to make it easier for him. He seems to be a child that has gotten over looked. He wants attention but doesn't know how to get it. When he does get it, it is so foriegn to him he don't know how to react.

I will start sharing my thoughts tomorrow and then for however long. I think I will go chapter by chapter. Do join me and share your thoughts also.

73652: The Five Love Languages of ChildrenThe Five Love Languages of Children

By Gary Chapman / Moody Publishers

Are you expressing your love in a way your child understands? Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell help you discover your child's unique communication style, so you can better meet his or her deepest emotional needs. From quality time to physical touch, these five "love languages" hold the key to your child's development and success.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today is National Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness

Please take this time to think about Heart Defects, it occurs in 1 out of 125 births. It can as simple as a self correcting hole to a defect that requires a heart transplant to a defect that ends in death. If you have kids or know people with kids make sure they are aware. Some defects go years without presenting.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Trying to get back into the swing

Seems the new year has gotten to me. We were doing good, being more consistant with things and then I was sick for about a week. Now we just gotta get right back in there. *smiles*

I would like to welcome those that are reading the blog. Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment on anything you see. Or even just say hi!

Right now we are focusing on behavior modification. LOL... Mostly mine. Do you realize how hard it is to get going once you have been out of it for some time? The last year has been a bit busy for me in the fact of I went from working full time and just doing what it took to give the kids a little bit of attention and eating and sleeping to being a full fledged stay at home mom. Over the past year we had the scary times that we had no choice but to rely on God when Benji was born and it was found he had his heart defects, to trying to establish me being a stay at home mom with all of our kids. Micah had to learn what it was like to have to answer to Momma instead of Nana. Then both Josh and Allie have had to learn that there is a Mom at home, which they were not used to. Kimmie was happy with the change, she remembered her kindergarden year when I was a SAHM and more than happy to volunteer at school only having Brittany to tow behind.

Things have changed and yet, I am still finding myself asking the same questions, am I rasing my children the best way I can so that they love God and they will follow the teachings of the Bible?