Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Back To School: Pt 1

As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.~ Daniel 1:17 (KJV)

As we prepare for the new school year we pray that our children are able to be successful in their academic endeavors. We pray that the Lord bless them in knowledge and skill so that learning comes natural for them and that they have wisdom about their choices.

Our obligation as a parent does not stop there. Praying is a start. Then we have to provide a proper environment for our children.

Before school do they receive proper nutrition? Not everybody is Suzy Homemaker, but a nutritious breakfast can be fairly easy. Oatmeal, eggs and toast, low sugar cereal... there is plenty out there. Do what works for your family, just know that breakfast is the meal that wakes up your brain.

After school do they have a homework zone? Some kids need absolutely no distractions when doing their homework while others like to be in the kitchen while mom is preparing dinner. Other kids need to be able to get their energy ran out for about 30-60 minutes before focusing on homework. Every child is different, and that is okay. Set rules for each child and make sure expectations are understood and held to.

This back to school post is focused mostly for those that go to school, but it can also work for homeschoolers also. Nutrition is vital to the child being taught and to the teacher that is teaching. You can not run on an empty stomach. Schooling zones need to be dedicated for boundaries. During class or school time, it is time for education not play even if it is fun and enjoyable.

Does your family cling to a bible verse when it comes to education?
What are some nutritious but fast breakfasts that your family use?
What is special about your homework zone?

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Back To School Series: Introduction

August is when we prepare or, for some, when we send our children back to the halls of academia. As our we prepare our children by realigning their sleep schedules and purchasing school supplies and new clothes, do we also take a new focus on their spiritual education?

It is not to suggest that the summer months have created a lax atmosphere completely. The suggestion is to take a new focus.

When kids are in school, from kindergarten all the way through college, they are not only handling the pressures of academics but the pressures of their peers too. For a child raised in a Christian home with Biblical values, there is almost a guarantee that they will experience some bullying. They will be questioned about their beliefs, they will be told they are wrong.

As parents, it is our responsibility not only to teach the Bible to our children, but also to teach the apologetics along with. That is we are to explain the whys and hows. Our children need to understand why we believe what we believe so that they know where we stand. That is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your child is to discuss God and the Bible with them. Our family has enjoyed our discussions because it brings us all closer to God. Even the adults learn in the discussions.

The most important thing that I am teaching my children right now is that regardless what my beliefs are, Jesus has said that the greatest command is to LOVE. We are to LOVE are neighbors. He did not say we had to agree with them. He did not say we had to do the same things as them. Just that we are to Love them. Something to think about isn't it?