If you would like to advertise on our site or blog, please email me directly parentforchrist (at) gmail (dot) com.

Product Reviews

We do product reviews. We will do reviews on products that will benefit the readers of the site. Since we are a Christian Parenting website, the products should be something to do with parenting and/or Christianity.

In regard to reviews, the company will pay all shipping costs incurred by shipping the product to us. There will be ample time in which to do the review. (i.e. books would need at least 2 weeks, dvds at least a week, other products would depend on what they are.)

Our reviews will be honest reviews. You may have the option to have the review emailed to you prior to it being published for approval. If the company doesn't like the review, the product is still ours to keep.

Give Aways

We would be glad to offer giveaways to our readers. Again, just as with product reviews, the giveaway needs to be in relation to Christian Parenting.

A giveaway lasts at least a week and is free to ParentsForChrist and to the reader that wins. The company offering the giveaway will ship the product to the winner(s) at the company's cost.

We can do reviews and giveaways together by reviewing a product and giving away one or more of it to our readers.

If you choose to do just a giveaway, there will be a small fee due to the time involved posting and promoting.

Press Releases

If you would like us to post a press release about your company or product, we would be glad to as long as your product is beneficial to our readers or your company falls inline with our Mission and Beliefs.  

In order for us to post a press release there will be a small fee.

Link Exchanges

We do not typically participate in link exchanges.