Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas.... what is it?

I was reading an article earlier this morning and it really bothered me.. Mostly, because it is true.

There is much talk these days of a "war on Christmas." A couple large retailers have banned the word "Christmas" from their marketing, and many folks are upset about it, sounding the alarm and crying out that Christmas is under attack.

Of course, we know why these retailers have made their choice. They want our money. They don't want to offend us by greeting us with "Happy Kwanza" (the invented holiday), because they want our money. They don't want to chance offending the Jew by wishing them a "Merry Christmas," because they want their money. Their motivation is mostly financial. They would have done it decades ago if they thought that they could get away with it.

But it's both sad and somewhat amusing to watch folks beat their chest and wax solemn today about the fact that a couple of profit-motivated corporations have dropped the word "Christmas" and substituted "holiday." More

Christians have been sucked into the hype and materialism of the Pagan Christmas. Am I getting too critical? I don't think it's possible this time of year. How often do you think of what happened that night nearly 2000 years ago when that young teenaged girl gave birth to our Savior? Do you think about it while you are fighting for this years top picked gift?

Christians getting upset about Target and other retailers not using the word Christmas really have issues. The retailers are in it for the money. Flat out.

Both myself and my mother worked for a Furniture company owned by a Jewish Family. They have been around since the early 80s, and not once have they had anything Christmas in their building. So, does that mean we shouldn't have worked for them and shouldn't have bought furniture there? No, we respected the fact that they were Jewish and they respected us being Christians. Why do I bring this up? Becasue more than likely most of the CEO's of the companies that are banning the word Christmas from their advertising scheme, are more than likely no Christian.

I also find myself with a bad taste in my mouth about the critizism that President George W. Bush is getting about the Holiday Card this year. He is geting bombarded becasue he isn't using the phrase Merry Christmas on the card but yet used scripture from Psalms on it. My opinon on the case of the President, he has always tried to welcome everybody and not attacked anybody. Now this my be a fault or an advantage. Plus, it is the holiday season. You have THanksgiving, then St. Nicholas Day, then Christmas Day, Kwanza, and Hanakah. Not to mention then there is also New Years and Ephiphany.

Christmas to most is one day, to me it is the season. I try to celebrate Christmas everyday of the year because I know that had Christmas never happened, then neither would have Easter.

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