Monday, February 26, 2007

Overcoming Difficulties

I have taken the last few weeks and prayed and searched for a way that my families difficulties could be used to help others. Then I remembered a Bible Study that I had picked up a while back. The book is Overcoming Difficulties, A light-hearted look at Joshua by Marilyn Meberg. So, I was thinking I could read through the book and share weekly what I get out of it and then I realized what would help the most is if we could do it together.
So, what do you the readers of this blog think? Would you want to do a Bible Study on Joshua? I do and I am willing to share my thoughts and prayers with you as we go through the study. I do realize that if we are going to do this that everybody will need time to get the book. So how about we start the study April 1, 2007? That way it gives everybody time to get the book and I will list the information here so that it is easily found.
If you are going to do this with us, please, leave a comment and let me know! That way it will feel like I might be offering something people are interested in. :)

52425: Overcoming Difficulties: A Lighthearted Look at JoshuaOvercoming Difficulties: A Lighthearted Look at Joshua

By Marilyn Meberg / Thomas Nelson

Women of Faith Conference speaker Marily Meberg is never funnier than when she is talking about the Bible. She is well-versed in Scripture and has devoted her life to the pursuit of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Overcoming Difficulties is a light-hearted Bible study™ on Joshua and how he "stepped out of his comfort zone" and was able to overcome insurmountable odds by putting God before him. Marilyn related Joshua's struggles to life today and finds Biblical answers to questions like: Why aren't my expectations met? Why does God take so long to answer my prayers? I need more patience&#8212how do I get it? 12 lessons include, personal stories from Marilyn's life, a look at what the Bible says, a Q & A section, discussion openers, and a prayer to close each lesson.

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