Sunday, May 06, 2007

SpiderMan 3

So, last night we decided that we would go and see Spiderman 3. Especially after reading the opinion on it at the link below.

Perspectives: Spider-Man 3 and the dark web of sin

We went to our local drive in, trust me I would much rather spend $16 with our brood at the drive in than nearly $50 at the cinema. The kids really enjoyed it as we got there about 2 hours before the movie started and they played down just below the screen. They really had alot of fun. The boys were good and worn out by the time the movie was starting and for the most part stayed still and watched the movie. Benji tried to fight sitting still about 20 minutes into it.

On to the movie... Overall I enjoyed the movie. The storyline was good although there was a little bit of confusion and some cheese. The cheese being when Peter Parker acts like John Travolta walking down the sidewalk. Very 70s, very cheese.

In the movie, it seems Peter Parker finally has it together. He is doing good in school, working freelance for the Bugle, finally has the girlfriend he's wanted all his life. It couldn't be better right? Wrong. That's when there is a meteorite with a parasite that lands not far from where Peter and MJ are on a date at.

Then there is Sandman, who really seems to be a good guy with rotten luck. His daughter is very ill and he got scared and had to do the crimes he did to provide for her. This is a role I believe that man parents can relate to and after seeing the entire movie can feel sorry for.

The New Goblin/Harry Osborn is yet again another character that doesn't understand the situation and allows his frustration and anger over his father's death eat at him and nearly consume him in the form of hatred towards SpiderMan/Peter Parker. The ending on this was a good one as Harry saw the error of his bitterness and the end of the movie brought the two friends back together before the inevitable.

Venom is the alien that was on the meteor. It is a parasite that after giving a go at Peter, ends up taking over Eddie Brock.

Personally none of our children that saw the movie were affected negatively by it. I could easily see however that if a child that has aggressive tendencies were to see it, regardless of age could have issues. Or I suppose I should say their parents would have issues in dealing with an out lash of behaviors.

Our girls enjoyed both the action and the love story. Our boys really enjoyed the action.

My opinion this is a good movie and it's a great way to talk to your kids or friends about forgiveness and that if you don't forgive it will eat at you, like a parasite.

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