Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Activities

An interesting discussion was going on on an email list I am a member of about Halloween. It all started by one person asking a seemingly innocent question.

Do you celebrate Halloween?

She got many different answers. And I am not going to say there were any wrong answers within the varying degrees that she got.

Most American families don't see anything wrong with their kids going out dressed up and trick or treating. Many churches have Fall Harvest Festivals or Trunk or Treat or some other form of entertainment on or near the time of Halloween. It's a wonderful outreach to non-saved and non-churched families and children.

The answers that were given on the email list were from there is no way I would participate in a satanic holiday to oh, it's only halloween, if you don't allow it to be satan's day then it's not to we let the kids dress up and trick or treat but we don't do the horror stuff. I used to be the last one. I as a young mom didn't want my kids to miss out because my parents didn't let me dress up or do trick or treat and I got made fun of. Let me tell you right now, don't let peer pressure push you to do something when you should be listening to God.

Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God---what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect. (Romans 12:2 GNB)

As Christians, Followers of Christ, we are not to conform to this world. We aren't to succumb to the pressure of will Mrs So and So let's her kids trick or treat and she goes to that big church on the hill so it must be okay if my kids trick or treat. People, we don't need to look at the Sunday School School teachers or what the church is doing as a whole. If you truly want to know if your family is suppose to take part in Halloween activities, no matter what they are called, you get in the Word and on your knees and see what God Almighty tells you.

As for those that say it's only an evil holiday if you allow it to be and it's no different than Christmas or Easter. In my honest opinion, you are wrong. Even in the United States there are devil worshipers and occults that love to celebrate Halloween. There are people that poison candy or worse. It still happens. And to compare Halloween to Christmas and Easter, that disturbs me. It disturbs me because while Easter may have been a pagan holiday to welcome in spring and fertility, it is when Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. We don't celebrate the goddess estre and worship her. (Do forgive my spelling) Christmas, it was originally the winter solstice. More than likely it is no where near the time that would have been Christ's birth, and all I can say here is do you give Christmas to the fat man in the red suit? Or do you praise the Lord for sending His Son so that 36 years after His birth he would be the sacrificial lamb that provided the PERFECT sacrifice to cover all of our sins?

Think about it.

We are in this world but we are not to be of this world.

In God's Love,

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