Friday, July 09, 2010

Relationships in the Home - God

In a Christian home the most important relationship is the family's relationship with God. It is extremely important that the family is rooted in the Word of God.

Ways to make sure your family is in the Word can consist of family devotions and individual Bible study. There are several devotional studies out there that are focused on family. There area also individual Bible studies that parents can tailor to the children. This works wonderfully if there is a large age difference in the children.

Another option to get in the word and stay in the word is to read the Bible. There are schedules available online and  in bookstores that allow for you to read the Bible in 90 days, a year, or even two years. This works well for budget conscience families that just need their Bible instead of purchasing another book.

By focusing on God's Word and storing it in your heart, it gives your family understanding. Then praying together and talking to God teaches your family that the relationship is not just one way.

The children in the home learn from the relationship the parents have with God. Knowing this parents in a Christian home need to make sure at the minimum that their children see that they are in the Word and that they pray.

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