Friday, September 28, 2012

To Kill A Mocking Bird

As I was driving along this morning, seemingly fully aware of my surroundings-driving 2 blocks ahead as I have learned, out of nowhere I see this projectile coming at me faster than the speed of light. I had no time to react. There smacked against my windshield as I was driving 55mph on the highway was a mocking bird. Once I got over the initial shock, I started thinking.

What happened was a time capsule reference to a typical Christian walk. We think we are prayed up and have everything in order and then something unexpected and out of the blue happens. How do we react then?  That reaction is the one that is the revealing one. That reaction is the reaction that is the window to our soul, so to speak.

When the unexpected happens do we spin out of control and total our vehicle? Do we remain calm after a brief gasp and keep going know that God has everything in control? Do we pull off on the side of the road freaked out but safe checking everything out and then pray?

Your reaction is being watched by those around you. You are being watched by your spouse, your children, friends, neighbors, and strangers. To many... you are the only Bible they may ever read.

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