Monday, September 05, 2011

Taking Care of Mom…

It is very easy to focus all of your attention on the kids. Wanting the kids to have the best and most opportunities happens in all homes, it doesn’t matter if the focus is on God or football.

As a mom I have reached burnout a few times in this 17 year career. It is not pleasant feeling hopeless and having anxiety attacks when things do not go “just so”.

It was not until I finally was in a healthy relationship that I realized I have to take care of myself in order to be able to be the parent that my children deserved. It is not a matter of putting yourself first, but it is a matter of taking care of your needs.

The most loved way I was able to do that when my children were little was by attending a moms group that is faith based and with the goal of being there for moms that may not have anyone else. A marvelous organization for Mothers of Preschoolers is MOPS. Our local group was a God send for me. I met ladies that were close to my age and had children the same age as my young ones. The mentor moms brought messages of hope and it centers on God.

Mom needs a sweet treat eaten during a few minutes of quiet, that doesn’t involve locking herself in the bathroom and crouching in the shower. Ha-ha!

Check for a group near you! And even if your children are older than kindergarten, MOPs groups always can use volunteers to help with the kids of the moms that go to the meetings.

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