Thursday, June 13, 2013

Superbook: Once was old is now new

Back in the early 80s there was this animated show called Superbook that CBN had that was about two kids and a robot going back in time to the Bible era and living through the moment to learn the biblical truth. The biblical truth would be tied into what the children were doing in everyday life as to emphasize the message.

I remember making sure to watch Superbook every week, I loved it so. That and I was also fascinated in the aspects of time travel.

Well, the folks at CBN have realized that after 30 years there is still, and perhaps more of, a market for families that like this type of show. So, they have had Superbook redone. The stories have been updated to include more detail and the graphics are modernized to the CGI.

Our family was introduced to the new series because Nana started buying them and sharing them with us a couple of months ago. The kids love the show and they really are drawn in. We appreciate that we have an extra outlet for the kids to get biblical truths in their daily diet.

Your family can get introduced this coming Saturday, June 15th in select markets in the United States. Please check HERE for your local listings.

I have in no way been compensated for this article by CBN or it's affiliates in order to post this. I have written this post simply as a resource for Christian parents knowledge of an available tool to use for their children.

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