Friday, November 11, 2005

One Little Monkey Jumping on The Bed.


Little Benji had his first sick visit to the doctor today. I think it's pretty good concerning he's 8 months 9 days. He's had sniffles and congestion since he got his flu shot October 26th. Taking him to his new pediatrician was fun too.

I really like the new doctor (change insurance stuff but it was for the better.) He isn't much older than me if any and he interned at Vanderbilt. He was very attentive and listened to me. I must say he was rather impressed with what I knew of Benji's condition.

Anyhow, the gist is, Benji has a cold. While I can't give him the over the counter cold remedy medicines, we can still do vapor rub and vaporizer. Saline drops and suction for the nose and prop up when he's sleeping. (Typical stuff for a little one that is sick.)

The funny part of the whole things is last night Benji was cranky and pitiful looking wanting to be held. This morning it was much of the same but he did sleep well and was not as cranky. He was smiling. Still pitiful looking and snotty. Drove in (doctors office is 25 miles away) and he slept the entire way. Got to the drs office and sat him on the floor. He just sat there looking as if he was a zombie.

Then some other kids came in. LOL. All of a sudden he starts crawling around and spots a toy to play with. Still looking zombie-ish.

By the time we went back to the exam room he was ready to go. He was all over the place smiling and laughing, playing in the mirror. When I tried to hold him, he was climbing on me like a little monkey. He's so cute.

I thank God for giving me this little guy! He is such a blessing and I know He has something special planned for Benji.

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