Sunday, June 20, 2010

Being Chosen

In celebrating Father's Day our family is reminded of the challenges that we face regularly. For those that don't know, our family is a blended family. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves, like around family oriented holidays and celebrations.

We have learned over the last seven years however, that it is best to focus on the good instead of the bad. While all of our children have their biological parents, four of the six have extra parents too. They have adults that chose to be in their lives and to be a part of their life.

When I think of it that way, it reminds me of Joseph. Joseph, husband of Mary, has got to be one of the most famous step parents in the Bible. Yet, many people don’t connect him to Jesus as his stepfather.

Joseph could have done things differently when he found out that Mary was with child. He could have had her put to death, which was and is custom in the region. He could have divorced her and sent her away, which is what he was planning on doing. Then, God informed Joseph that the child Mary was carrying was His son. (Matthew 1:18-24) Joseph could have still divorced Mary, but there would have been heavenly intervention. (At least that is my belief.) Even, after taking Mary as his wife, Joseph could have treated Jesus differently from his other children that they had later. There is no evidence to support or deny this in the canonized Bible, although what little it does say may be enough to form an opinion. As was custom, Joseph taught Jesus his trade. He trained Jesus how to be a carpenter. (Matthew 13:55, Mark 6:3)

The one thing that strikes me with the most inspiration and hope in being a parent and in being a step parent is that even Jesus’ parents had a handful when he was entering those teenaged years. Can you imagine, your child missing and after three days you finally find them and ask what they were thinking and you get this answer?

"Why were you searching for me?" he asked. "Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house?" (Luke 2:49 NIV)

Joseph and Mary didn’t know how to answer him. I know I feel that way at times. This shows me though that Joseph had to be a strong Father, he knew who his son was and accepted the blessing that God gave him by allowing him to raise Jesus. I also love how Luke went on to say that they went home and Jesus was obedient to them.

This is how, even at the difficult and crazy times we focus on loving our children. Because even though our children are not “holy”, they are blessings that God has given us.

Love your children. Look for the blessing in all things.

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