Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God's Will vs Parent's Will

Naturally parents want their children to succeed and be honored in life. In some circumstances this can be dangerous. Just as we, as parents and Christians, are to be in God’s will, so are our children.

James and John’s mother is a great example of this. She wanted her sons to bestowed honor and power for their reward of following Christ. But God had different intentions for them. (see Matthew 20:20)

Instead of pushing our children to become great leaders or powerful people, we need to teach them to follow God’s will. To do as God wants them to do.

We are told to ‘train’ our children to follow God. This is so that they can learn by our example. When a person is trained, they are shown how. (see Proverbs 22:6)

By keeping God first in our life and living in His will, we teach our children how they are to be.

We gain insight and wisdom as we live in His will. As we stay in counsel with the Father, he instructs us, as we need to be instructed. This is very much like as a parent to a child. Parents should keep communication open with their children. (see Psalm 16:7-8)

The Lord will teach us his will; we just have to make sure we listen to his instruction. When seeking God’s will we should:
  • Make sure your plan is in harmony with God’s Word
  • Ask mature Christians for advice
  • Check your motives – are you doing this for the Lord or yourself?
  • Pray, so that God will open and close doors for you, as he desires.
As we are in God’s will not only do we listen but we also pray. We pray to give thanks, to worship, to pray for others, and to pray for ourselves.

The Father knows exactly what we need and desire. He will always provide our needs. Even when we are going through tough times, the Lord knows what we can handle and equips us with what we need. We just have to open our ‘eyes’ to see. (see Matthew 6:8-13)

We must have faith and confidence in the Lord. This is both for our children and ourselves. As our children get older and hear God’s call, we may not like what they are called to very much. We must remember though that God is in control. (see 1 John 5:14-15)

Some may wonder exactly what our true purpose is.

Just as Jesus, we are to work with God. Our purpose is to do the will of God, not satisfying human desires.
But what does doing God’s will bring my child or me? (see John 6:37-38)

If we patiently and persistently do God’s will, we will find eternal life. (see Romans 2:7)

But I thought Salvation was by faith alone [Romans 1:16,17]?

In being fully committed to God, we will want to please him and do his will. Good deeds are a response to His grace and our faith.

Originally Posted: 26-Apr-2005

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